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    The Browns are an Island family with deep roots in the western part of the province. Peter Brown was born in 1954 in Richmond, Prince Edward Island, the fourth oldest child in a farming family of ten. After graduating high school in 1972, Peter journeyed across the country and worked construction jobs while exploring the great outdoors of British Columbia. During his time in the West, Peter realized he had both a passion and an aptitude for business and construction. He began contracting services and co-owned a Pro Shop at a local ski hill, and during that time met and married Muriel Boulanger - a local from Prince Rupert.

    Peter longed for the lifestyle found on the red shores of Prince Edward Island, so Peter and Muriel settled in Richmond and began their family. True to his passion, Peter founded Bayside Contracting in 1983 and became a Four-Seasons Sunroom franchise in 1986. In 1988, Peter purchased the Vancouver Four-Seasons franchise and moved there for a year to reconnect with Muriel’s family. In 1989, Peter and his family made the decision to move back to PEI and opened Bayside Wood Products Inc, manufacturing cabinets and other large-scale carpentry projects.

    Between 1989 and 2010, Peter built numerous homes, agricultural buildings, government projects, as well as several large executive homes, and many custom projects. He and Muriel had five children - Christina, Brendon, Timothy, Scott, and Hannah - who grew up surrounded by the construction industry and watched their father work tirelessly to build and improve their community.

    Peter’s work left an impression on his children and many of them have worked within the company as they grew up. Today, Peter’s youngest son, Scott, is leading the company, now called Bayside Group, into the future. With his hardworking and knowledgeable father by his side, Scott plans to take the family business to new heights and provide Prince Edward Island with the very highest degree of professional real estate services.

    Recognize. Believe. Endeavour.

    Bayside Group is a PEI-based, specialized-service real estate development and management company. Our vision is to be a leader in commercial and residential real estate. Not only are we wholeheartedly focused on serving the needs of our clients, but we also desire to consistently produce and manage developments of lasting value for our community and province. We consider it a privilege to be responsible for building communities that shape the landscape for generations to come. For this reason, we pay very close attention to the design and features that give every Bayside community its distinctive character.

    Whether you’re a born-and-bred Islander or a newcomer to our shores, we’re here to bring you more than just a piece of land – we’re here to bring you home.

    Our vision is our purpose – to achieve and exceed the highest possible standards that meet client housing needs on Prince Edward Island.
    Investment. Integrity. Commitment.

    Our mission – the reason we exist – is to provide the very best professional service and support to the real estate owners and investors of Prince Edward Island. We believe in forging lasting relationships within our community, staff, and business providers.

    We’re committed to looking forward, evaluating each client’s specific requirements, and delivering solutions. We perform careful assessments on every project we take on, and keep our clients well informed on every stage of development.

    Our mission – the reason we exist – is to provide the very best professional service and support to the real estate owners and investors of Prince Edward Island.