Whether you’re buying your first home or making a strategic investment, we’ll find you the property that suits your needs, personality, and budget. As specialized-service realtors, it’s what we do.

We provide homes that have been built or renovated with the utmost care and attention, featuring cheerful and timeless designs that inspire pride of ownership. Each new home we touch is unique enough to give it its own character, while still looking like it belongs in any modern neighbourhood.


A family-owned business in tune with modern construction methods and styles, Bayside is always looking for new ways to improve the homeownership experience. Whether it’s through greener living, reduced ecological footprints, or energy savings, we have both the desire and the ability to cater to the needs and wants of our clients.

For Bayside, finding the right home for you comes down to addressing the day-to-day needs of today’s families, while going above and beyond to make property ownership as easy, efficient, and cost effective as possible. We want our clients to take pride in their homes, and we work hard to make sure they always can.

As a trusted builder of quality Island homes, Bayside Group delivers outstanding value and a worry-free home-buying experience.

We currently have no properties for sale, however contact us with your requirements as we are developing new properties and will have new pre-purchase options in due course.