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    Our Team

    We’re more than just a team – we’re a proud, Island family. As a family-owned business, Bayside draws on more than 30 years of multi-generational experience delivering the highest standard of professional service and expertise. We’ve dedicated our lives to this industry and have placed a specific focus on the renovation, development, renewal, adaptive reuse, and reclamation of homes, buildings, villages, and towns, across Prince Edward Island.

    Peter Brown

    The proven professional.

    An entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word, Peter was raised on a family farm and grocery business in rural PEI, number four in a family of ten. Peter has worked in the real estate and construction fields for more than three decades. During the 70s, Peter spent seven years working construction in Prince Rupert, BC. He and his wife Muriel were married in 1981 and relocated to PEI.

    Over the years, Peter has developed well over 300 projects and properties throughout Prince Edward Island and Atlantic Canada and beyond , and has founded or managed multiple corporations and companies, including – but not limited to – Four Seasons Sunroom franchise in Vancouver BC 1988-89, Better Built Homes, Vista Properties Inc., PB Holdings Inc., Revolution Media, and Kiamauga Corp.

    Some of his most recent projects include Harbour Terrace Condominiums, Suites on St. Stephen Condominiums, Lofts at 359, Water Condominiums, and the Garden Townhomes. Peter and his wife Muriel currently reside in Summerside, and are active members of St Paul’s parish. Peter is past chair of St Paul’s finance committee, a member of the Summerside Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce.

    Peter’s latest endeavor is working in collaboration with First Nations communities in economic development initiatives with specific focus on housing.

    Scott Brown

    The modern visionary.

    The next generation of Bayside leadership, Scott was born into the real estate and homebuilding world. From a young age, he pursued his ambitions through an unwavering work ethic, high standards, and commitment to quality. With eyes on the future, Scott leads the Bayside Group and holds firm his belief in putting clients and community before all else.

    Scott graduated from the Holland College Business Administration program in early 2007, and received his realtor’s license soon after. Prior to entering the property management and development industry, Scott worked in construction and developed a keen interest in business.

    Professionalism and client care are at the forefront of everything Scott does. With his background in real estate and knowledge of construction, property development, and management, as well as his desire to match clients with the home of their dreams, Scott goes above and beyond in all he does and meets every challenge head-on.

    A dedicated family man, Scott lives in Summerside with his wife Rebecca and their two boys, Heath, and Clark.

    Muriel Brown

    The family leader.

    Over the years, Muriel has become the chief advisor and intuitive consultant to her husband Peter and the Bayside Group family. The years spent working behind the scenes have given Muriel a unique and passionate understanding of client needs and desires. She brings feminine genius and a keen eye for detail to each Bayside Group project.

    An adventurer at heart, Muriel loves to travel and has a deep love for culture, language, and people. A dedicated mother, grandmother and educator, Muriel home-schooled her 5 children and continues to focus on her growing family, friends, faith and wellness.

    Paul Arsenault

    The learned craftsman.

    Paul joined the Bayside Group in 1986 after Peter recognized Paul’s work ethic and his eye for perfection. By 1989, Paul had received his Red Seal in carpentry from the Province of PEI. Driven to learn and always improve his trade, Paul continued his education across various aspects of the industry – including The Atlantic New Home Warranty training and National Building Code Course, fall protection course, and industry-provided training. His education, coupled with his work ethic and passion for the job, makes Paul a true asset to the Bayside Group and its clients.

    After more than 20 years, Paul has managed a huge variety of Bayside projects and continues to oversee all on-site services for the Bayside Group. Paul is a pragmatic, intuitive, and a deliberate problem-solver with an extensive background in all aspects of commercial and residential, development and construction. 902 888 7791

    Maria Bourgeois

    The trained communicator.

    A dedicated and professional communications expert, Maria applies her training in healthcare to the real estate industry and provides a deep-rooted care for her clients. Both an apt multi-tasker and a passionate people-person, Maria constantly strives for efficiency and clarity of message in every communication she makes.

    Maria’s work with the Bayside Group encompasses a wide variety of tasks from handling rental enquiries, booking appointments, and showing units. Maria meets each and every one of these tasks with passionate enthusiasm and a drive for success. Together with her husband, Francis, they have become avid world travellers and enjoy life to its fullest. Maria is the latest addition to the Bayside Group team, and brings with her a whole new approach to building client and community relationships.