Our Team

we collaborate with the best

When you wake up each day, eager to greet the people at your side in the endeavor, you know you're where you're meant to be.

We are blessed to call these people our collaborators and friends. We are the craftspeople of the East Coast, sharing similar visions by creating beautiful, consciously produced buildings for the world we love.

These people have built our own homes and some of the legacy builds of our Island. We hope we have the blessing of building for you.

Peter & Muriel Brown
Psalm 127:1

President, Founder

Literal genius 24/7. If it can be built...better, it ought to be. Legacy.

Peter Brown

Design Consultant, Founder

Creating effortless beauty in interiors and exteriors.

Muriel Brown

General Manager

Engineering the finest Island structures with the finest local collaborators - one project at a time.

Mike Fraser


Stewarding the Bayside Builders resources with vision and fortitude.

Lidia McCord

Vice-President, Designer

Bringing to life the vision and innovation, corporately and in design.

Christina Yep


Loves the smell of wood in the morning...and the highest caliber projects come to life under this leadership.

Dylan Gallant


Building is his superpower. That, and carrying on the legacy.

Scott Brown

Carpenters, Laborers

Day in and day out grit+glory.

Bayside Crew