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Grit+Glory Wood Keychain

The Original Grit+Glory wood keychain.

"There's no question this rig hums," you think gratefully, as you dig your boot onto the platform and climb aboard. The steel-walled mug you filled to overflowing with the strongest coffee you could stand is slotted beside you next to a pile of gear, and your mind is already on the day ahead. You're thinking today you may take the backroads. Why not? It's a beauty day out there. Breaking out of your own head, you reach down and grab the keys out of the cup-holder, the familiar clink, clink hitting your ears. Time for adventure. You're thankful for the reminder emblazoned on your favourite keychain, to give today everything you've got.

What a life. One more day of Grit+Glory. 

The Grit+Glory keychain is crafted of walnut wood, leather and burnished brass metal. 

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